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Nitrogen and other nutrients are bound up in your fertilizer and soil, with up to 99% of nitrogen in a form that is unavailable to your crop at any given time. With Generate® you can make your fertilizer go further.

Generate acts as a biostimulant to release tied-up nitrogen and other nutrients to plants. Studies show Generate can help reduce nitrogen up to 45 lbs. without sacrificing yield and plant health. 



The most expensive input on your farm is the fertilizer that never gets used. Unavailable fertilizer reduces performance of your crop leading to poor stand, weak stalks, increased disease pressure and low yields.


  • Up to half of the nitrogen you apply is lost to the environment

  • Only 1% of nitrogen in soil is available to the plant


  • Up to 80% of applied phosphorus is tied-up and never utilized by plants

  • There is enough phosphorus in typical soils for 100 years of farming


Generate works with existing microbes in your soil and fertilizer to release tied-up nutrients to plants. This results in healthier crops that use inputs more efficiently. 

Generate is a versatile liquid product that can be incorporated in your in-furrow program or applied foliar with your first post-emergence pass. Simply mix with your existing liquid fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide or insecticide. 

Product# 49002

Available in 2.5-gallon jug or IBC bulk tote



“We did 2 years of trials on a field where we apply hog manure as fertilizer. Because of the historic hog manure application, this is a highly fertile field (~230 bu/acre yields). We just struggle to get nutrients available early on. We compared 5 gallons of 10-34-0 vs. 1 pint of Generate in-furrow. We did two replicated strips, and not only did the Generate crop look better early on, but the average yield increase using Generate was +3.5 bu/acre higher than the 10-34-0. The best part was, we saved $16.25/acre switching to Generate from 10-34-0.

That's like getting an extra 2.5 bushel bump!” 

- South Central Minnesota Farmer



“Last year we did trials comparing our standard starter program of 5 gallons of 6-24-6 with some micros vs. 1 quart of Generate + Procure® for Corn with water. We replicated trials across 800 acres of our farm, and every replication was within 2 bu/acre on 250 bu/acre corn. Meaning, both products performed the same. The difference was our standard fertilizer program cost around $30/acre while Generate + Procure for Corn was half that cost. We saved around $6,000 in input costs on the 400 acres we used Generate + Procure for Corn instead of our standard starter package, and we didn’t give up performance!”

- Central Ohio Farmer


Generate Replaces Fertilizer & Reduces Nitrogen by 45 lbs.

Generate was tested in a corn-on-corn rotation strip trial to measure its success against standard NPK rates. 

Generate increased yield by 7.5 bu/acre even with 45 lbs. less nitrogen while the control using 100% NPK did not. 


Generate Replaces Fertilizer & Reduces Nitrogen by 35 lbs.

Generate was also tested in a corn-on-soybean rotation strip trial to measure its success against standard NPK rates. Generate maintained yield even with a 35 lb. nitrogen fertilizer reduction. 


Generate Increases Levels of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria 

In a soil test, Generate showed a 40x increase in Azotobacter microbes in the soil which freely fix nitrogen and provide it to the plant.


Generate Releases Nutrients & Moves Them into Plant Tissue

Generate releases tied-up nutrients for increased nutrient uptake to plants. Below is an example from a tissue sample showing increased micro and macronutrients in corn treated with Generate.


Generate Increases all Beneficial Microbes That Unlock Nutrients

In another soil test, Generate increased all beneficial microbes that unlock nutrients and make them more available to the plant.


As beneficial microbes break down residue, they temporarily take in and hold onto nitrogen. When the microbes die, nitrogen is released to the plant in a plant available form reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer.

  • 1. Faster Emergence
    Plants that emerge even just 1 day late can result in a yield loss of 6%. The video below shows Generate in-furrow enhancing emergence of corn in Faulk County, South Dakota.
  • 2. Increased Plant Vigor
    Plants that start strong finish strong. The trial below shows increased emergence and plant vigor in corn treated with Generate in Charles City, Iowa.
  • 3. Improved Stand Counts
    Field trials across the country consistently show greater stand counts in corn treated with Generate. In 42 trials, the 3-year average showed a 5% increase in stand counts.
  • 4. Increased Root Mass
    Generate treated corn consistently shows plants with greater roots to gather nutrients from the soil. Below is a photo of corn treated with Generate in Orchard, Nebraska.
  • 5. Greater Stress Tolerance
    From early season weather to late season weather events, Generate treated corn better withstand stress like wind. In the trial below, Generate treated corn in Clarissa, Minnesota withstood straight-line winds better than the control.
  • 6. Greater Yield
    Treated in-furrow or foliar, Generate treated crops on average have higher yield advantages.


Making fertilizer more available impacts crops throughout the entire growing season, leading to better emergence, stronger plants and higher yields on your farm.

6 Ways Generate Impacts Crops

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At Agnition we know you want to be an innovative farmer that gets the most out of your crop. In order to do that, you need products that take your fields to the next level, helping you push boundaries. That's why we've spent the last 10 years researching and developing products that are proven to release more nutrients to plants for reduced fertilizer use, increased yield, improved emergence and plant health. 


Reduce fertilizer rates this year and make nutrients more available to your crops with Generate.  Complete the form to be invited into our No-Risk Trial Program to experience Generate on your farm! We guarantee you will see results. An Agnition representative will work with you and show you how you can reduce your fertilizer rates with Generate.

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