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Agnition is a brand of Ralco, a 48-year-old, family owned business founded on finding natural and innovative solutions to convert more nutrients from feed and fertilizer into growth for farmers and ranchers.


Agnition develops natural, cutting-edge technologies that more efficiently convert your nutrients from fertilizer to growth. Our products help improve the quality of your soil and the health of your crops, naturally. But our vision is much greater than that.

Our goal is to help producers create healthier soils and healthier plants for a safe and abundant global food supply. As the world population continues to grow, we want to help you produce more food with less. To do that, we have spent the last decade conducting rigorous field tests, research trials and producer trials across the globe to ensure our technologies take your nutrient utilization to the next level and power plants to their maximum yield potential.

We believe it’s time for a better way to naturally feed the world, and we want you and the next generation of famers to have the tools they need to do that.


Agnition does things differently. Rather than sitting behind a desk, our team is most at home in the field. We’re on the road, on your farm and anywhere we can to help you stay ahead of the curve and maintain your independence

Agnition tech working in field


Our unique research process begins in our research and development labs and our onsite greenhouses. If proven successful, trials move to our local research farms and begin extensive customer conducted research trials throughout the Midwest. If domestic trials are successful, we take it one step further and conduct field trails across the world to ensure our products are effective and consistent in a wide range of soil types and environments before they reach your farm.



Meet our leading research scientists, microbiologists, research technicians and plant health specialists who are perfecting the technologies behind our Agnition products every day.

Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb

Senior Technology Director

Rachel Raths, M.S.

Rachel Raths, M.S.


Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson


Jordan Lanoue

Jordan Lanoue

Research Scientist/Ag

Systems Technician

Our People
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