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Procure® is specially formulated with Microbial Catalyst® technology and a high source of iron to target specific enzymatic processes. Procure® targets nitrogen fixation in soybeans and photosynthesis in corn for healthier plants and higher yield potential. 

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Unlock Enzymes

Release enzymes that are critical for plants to reach their maximum potential.

Increase Critical Plant Functions

Impacts plant specific processes that are critical to plant health and yield. In soy, this product impacts nodulation and nitrogen fixation, and in corn Procure® impacts photosynthesis and energy production.

Improve Nitrogen Fixation in Soy & Photosynthesis in Corn

Secure more nitrogen for soybean plants and more sunlight and carbon dioxide for corn. This results in overall healthier plants.


Procure® consistently enhances plant health for the targeted crop, resulting in increased yield potential.

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Procure for Corn

Procure for Soybeans


Procure® utilizes Microbial Catalyst® technology to stimulate existing microbes by unlocking enzymes, making plants more efficient. This happens in soybeans through the nitrogen fixation process and in corn through photosynthesis. Nitrogen is critical for plants, helping with protein and enzyme production along with other processes involved in photosynthesis and the transfer of energy to plants (ATP).

Procure Microbial Catalyst Technology
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