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Anchor Silage is an encapsulated inoculant blend, reinforced by Microbial Catalyst® technology to lower pH levels in forage and lock-in nutrients for maximum preservation without the hassle of refrigeration.

Anchor Advantage

Drives Efficient Fermentation

Drives Efficient Fermentation

Anchor Silage incorporates a unique blend of beneficial bacteria that work together to drive efficient fermentation and rapidly reduce pH.

Reduce Dry Matter Loss & Heating

Reduce Dry Matter Loss & Heating

Anchor Silage reduces heating and inhibits mold and yeast growth, limiting dry matter loss.

Lock-in Nutrients

Lock-in Nutrients

Anchor Silage locks in nutrients for more palatable feed that improves livestock performance.

Ease of Application

Ease of Application

Advanced technologies make Anchor Silage highly soluble and easy-to-use in both dry and liquid application. 

Anchor for Silage foil pouch
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Directions for Use:

Mix 1 lb. (1 package) with water at the following rates per your application equipment to treat 200 tons of corn silage, 150 tons of haylage, 100 tons of high-moisture corn.

Available In: 

For Liquid Application

  • 1 lb. foil bag

  • Treats 200 tons of fresh silage

For Custom Chopper Applications

  • 1 lb. foil bag

  • Treats 500 tons of fresh silage

For Organic Production

  • 1 lb. foil bag

  • Treats 200 tons of fresh silage

For Dry Application

  • 50 lb. bag

  • Treats 50 tons of fresh silage

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The diverse blend of beneficial bacteria in Anchor work together like a relay team, each carefully selected to rapidly reduce pH within a specific range and drive efficient fermentation.

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Chart showing Anchor for Silage beneficial bacteria blend drives efficient fermentation
graphic representation showing how Anchor for Silage works

Our unique encapsulation process protects beneficial bacteria during storage and enhances their performance in silage. Each inoculant granule rapidly grows when rehydrated and is effective in a variety of forages.

No Refrigeration Required!

Anchor for Silage encapsulation process

Protective Coating

Seals granule for storage and quickly dissolves for rapid rehydration


Create additional food for beneficial bacteria for faster growth


A proprietary blend of lactic acid producing bacteria for rapid and complete fermentation


Serve as an immediate food source for beneficial bacteria promoting rapid fermentation


Side by side comparison showing treated and untreated haylage


metal strip graphic

Haylage treated with Anchor Silage experienced less heating during the fermentation process which resulted in less dry matter loss as indicated by a higher ash residue in the competitor haylage.

Chart showing less ash content with Anchor for Silage
metal strip graphic

Haylage treated with Anchor Silage contained more dry matter and available energy. Increased heating in competitor-treated haylage resulted in greater loss of dry matter associated with energy availability.

Chart showing more energy with Anchor for Silage
metal strip graphic

Haylage treated with Anchor Silage produced higher lactic acid concentration further increasing its energy availability, palatability, and aerobic stability.

Chart showing higher fatty acid levels with Anchor for Silage
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