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Anchor™ Silage Saver™ is a unique inoculant that leverages Microbial Catalyst® technology to turbocharge the naturally occurring microbes to lower pH levels in forage and lock-in nutrients. Silage Saver helps to save dry matter in your forage and save money from your bottom line.

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Drives Efficient Fermentation

Drives Efficient Fermentation

Silage Saver incorporates a unique blend of beneficial bacteria that work together to drive efficient fermentation and rapidly reduce pH.

Reduce Dry Matter Loss & Heating

Reduce Dry Matter Loss & Heating

Silage Saver reduces heating and inhibits mold and yeast growth, limiting dry matter loss.

Effective During Liquid Application

Effective During Liquid Application

Silage Saver is versatile and effective during wet or dry application.

Ease of Application

Ease of Application

Advanced technologies make Silage Saver highly soluble for better application and ease of use.

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Directions for Use:

Mix 1 lb. (1 package) with water at the following rates per your application equipment to treat 500 tons of corn silage.

Available In: 

49230-1 Silage Saver

  • 1 lb. foil bag

  • Treats 500 tons of corn silage


Silage Saver contains three unique pieces that make it stand apart from other products. The first is a starter inoculant blend, the second is patented Microbial Catalyst to stimulate microbes for rapid fermentation, and the third is an encapsulation that allows the product to be stable at room temperature, without the need for refrigeration. 


Silage Saver contains a small blend of bacteria designed to get fermentation started.

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Silage Saver is powered by Microbial Catalyst technology that stimulates inoculant bacteria and increases microbial activity of beneficial bacteria naturally present in silage. A rapid reduction in pH occurs for improved forage preservation.


Encapsulation protects microbes in storage, and rapidly hydrates to activate bacteria. This is the key to keeping Silage Saver stable at room temperature!

No Refrigeration Required!

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Protective Coating

Seals granule for storage and quickly dissolves for rapid rehydration


A proprietary blend of lactic acid producing bacteria for rapid and complete fermentation


Serve as an immediate food source for beneficial bacteria promoting rapid fermentation

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