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Agnition Sales Team

Contact a local Agnition rep for more information about soil and plant health or to learn where you can purchase Agnition products. 

Joel H_Headshot2.jpg

Joel Heilman

Northeast South Dakota

Adam J_headshot2.jpg

Adam Jackson

Wisconsin, Eastern Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey

Grant V_Headshot3.jpg

Grant VanKeulen

Southern Minnesota, Central Iowa

Caleb S_Headshot3.jpg

Caleb Stewart

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

John L_Headshot2.jpg

John Liston

Nebraska, Western Iowa

Tom Murphy_Headshot3.jpg

Tom Murphy

Northern Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota

Troy W_Heashot3.jpg

Troy Wirtz

Northeast Iowa


Greg Hammer

Southeast South Dakota, Northwest Iowa

Eachus Eric.jpg

Eric Eachus

New Jersey, New York

Rittenger Sean.jpg

Sean Rittenger

Jeff Hill_Heashot4.jpg

Jeff Hill

Mike H_headshot_v3.jpg

Mike Holmberg