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Agnition Launches Organic Anchor™ for Hay, a Dry Granular Hay Preservative

Agnition®, a brand of Ralco, announced today that it has launched a new OMRI Listed® hay preservative for organic production. This latest product is an extension of an existing line of hay and silage preservatives that include Anchor™ for Hay, Anchor™ for Silage and Anchor™ for Silage OMRI. Anchor for Hay OMRI is a dry granular product designed to help organic hay producers preserve higher moisture hay without the risk of heating and spoilage.

“Agnition has been formulating forage treatments for hay producers for over 25 years,” said Mike Holmberg, Product Manager for Agnition. “Recently our customers brought to our attention that organic hay producers are limited in options for availability, reliability and cost, so we set out to provide them with a better option with Anchor for Hay OMRI,” said Holmberg.

“Anchor for Hay preserves hay differently than most inoculants,” said Holmberg. While most preservatives use a singular approach to curing hay with just an organic acid or an inoculant, Agnition combines the two approaches and uses patented Microbial Catalyst® technology for greater efficacy.

Anchor for Hay uses a dual pronged approach to preserve higher moisture hay. First, an organic acid rapidly reduces pH levels to prevent harmful mold and yeast growth. Then, Microbial Catalyst technology stimulates bacteria in a state-of-the-art inoculant blend along with beneficial bacteria naturally found in hay to create additional preserving acid. This further reduces pH levels and targets higher moisture areas deep inside the bale for greater preservation.

Hay producers using Anchor for Hay can start baling higher moisture hay sooner without the risk of heating and spoilage. “I recently had a hay producer call me from Gettysburg, South Dakota who baled his hay at over 25% moisture using Anchor for Hay,” said Holmberg. “He called me back two months later when he broke open the bale and said the hay was still as green as the day he put it up,” said Holmberg.

“When we first decided to develop a hay preservative 25 years ago, there weren’t many effective options out there for producers,” said Jon Knochenmus, President Emeritus of Ralco. “I knew we could develop a better hay preservative using Microbial Catalyst technology. Now, we’ve helped hay producers around the world preserve high quality hay and I’m thrilled to see how Anchor for Hay OMRI can help organic hay producers as well,” said Knochenmus.

Anchor for Hay and Anchor for Hay OMRI can also be utilized when baling corn stalks. To learn more about Anchor and application options contact your local Agnition dealer.

Agnition is a brand of Ralco, a third-generation, family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global supplier of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement technologies that support large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop production industries.

For more information about Agnition contact:

Glenn Bader

(507) 337-6867


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