With hay shortages and feed ingredient spikes, getting more out of your pasture, faster, is crucial. Generate® can help. A proven biostimulant, Generate has been shown to boost pasture yields by 25% with higher crude protein and energy values. This helps you save money in off-farm feed costs and maximize the production of your home-grown pastures.

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“I rotationally graze my pastures daily. I have 34 paddocks, so my cows get new grass every day and the paddock has a month to rest. I sprayed Generate and water on half the pasture in one of my paddocks. I took a hoop cut and had a 30% increase in yield where I sprayed the Generate. A feed quality sample also showed 21% more protein!” -Roy, Northeast Kansas 

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Try Now for $8.25/acre + Free Shipping


Feed costs are higher than ever before. The key to maintaining profits is to get more out of your most valuable resource – pasture. It starts by releasing tied-up nutrients in your soil.   


Release Tied-Up Nutrients 

Generate is a proven biostimulant that activates the microbes in your soil to release more tied-up nutrients to plants for increased nutrient uptake. This results in healthier pasture with: 

  • Faster regrowth

  • Larger biomass

  • Greater leaf area

  • Higher crude protein

  • More energy

Generate is a versatile liquid product that can be incorporated in your foliar herbicide or insecticide pass. Simply mix with your existing liquid fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide or insecticide. Apply at 1 pint per acre. 


Product# 49002

Available in 2.5-gallon jug 


In a research study conducted on pasture grass, Generate was applied right before cows grazed and sampled again after cows were taken off pasture to evaluate the yield, nutritive value and regrowth of grass. 

Trial 1: Before Cows Grazed 

In 23 days after application, Generate treated pasture showed a 35% increase in yield, 22% increase in crude protein and 4% in RFV.

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Trial 2: After Cows Grazed 

Two weeks after cows grazed, Generate treated pasture showed a 25% increase in yield, 13% increase in crude protein and 4% in RFV.

Chart_Trial 2.png

How to Value 25% More Yield?

Taking a conservative approach and using the data in Trial 2, a 25% higher yield resulted in 133 lbs. more protein and 296 lbs. more energy which is valued at an additional $80/acre/year for your herd.  

Try Now for $8.25/acre + Free Shipping


Generate Increases Soil Health 

There are three parts to soil health. Generate focuses on the biological side. 


To do this, Generate releases more nutrients in the soil to feed microbes which increases microbial activity and diversity for healthier soil. 


Generate research shows an increase in:

  • Microbial population by 18%

  • Microbial diversity by 11%

  • Microbial activity by 22%

More microbes also means more enzymes to breakdown and recycle old plant matter. This creates more nutrient cycling for improved soil health and plant regrowth. Research demonstrates that Generate can double enzyme activity in the soil. 

Generate Releases Nutrients and Moves them into Plant Tissue 

Research also shows Generate releases tied-up nutrients and moves them into plant tissue. This tissue sample shows increased micro and macro nutrients in plants treated with Generate

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Agnition is a division of Ralco who for more than 50 years has been helping producers convert their nutrients into growth and reduce waste. Vital nutrients are often lost and underutilized silently eroding the performance of your operation. We work with you to keep your nutrients focused on crop and forage production and your bottom line.


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